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Show Description: Trump had a very successful foreign policy trip to Saudi Arabia and Brussels. The Saudi's respected Trump and Melania and even spoke out giving support to Trump's Refugee ban. Trump made a great deal of 350 billion for arms to the Saudi's, and gave a well received speech concerning ISIS. All in contrast to Obama's Appeasement speech and giving Iran 150 billion dollars. We have a leader again! While the media tries to play Gotchya with the POTUS and keep the Russian collusion still alive, evidence surfaces tying the Obama administration A) servalienciung everyone under the sun journalist J. Rosen, AP press, Dennis Kusinich, and even YOU! (So why is it so hard to presume Obama servailed Trump too?) Can we have an investigation about this please!? and while you are at it, how about an investigation as to how Susan Rice became 50 million richer while working with the Obama administration. We have leakers that will be prosectued (3 in the White House), but I say there are dozens more within the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, etc. On my show I read a quick history of Benedict Arnold to highlight these leakers are not much different then he was. These leakers are not a reflection on Donald Trumps administration. It is a reflection of how horrible Obama's people are still in these posistions. Traitors to our country. This and more on The Marty O Radio Show.

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