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On Net Neutrality, Freedom, and Artificial Intelligence

Show Description: Today on The Blake Johnson Program: What is net neutrality? Why is there an effort to undue it? Is that good or bad? And how does this tie into freedom? Blake delves into all of it with some perspective you don't want to miss. Democratic Congressman John Conyers resigns from the House Judiciary Committee amid sexual harassment allegations. The Dems call for due process.... but where were they with Judge Roy Moore? Elon Musk warns against Artificial Intelligence, saying it's a real danger to the future of humanity. Blake talks about it and discusses the warning he gives for all Americans and the world. Listen to The Blake Johnson Program every Monday evening at 9 PM Eastern only on Also listen on demand at Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, Spreaker, iHeart radio, and YouTube. Follow Blake on Facebook: and on Twitter: @Libertyville93
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