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Seattle basically sucks

Show Description: The President seems to be caving on DACA and illegal immigration. What do we, as conservatives, make of this and how do we handle it? Also, what is the real State of the Union? Is it as apocalyptic as the left makes it out to be? Is it as great as the right makes it out to be? Later on in the program, AJ Davis from Common Sense Radio joins the program to discuss Measure 101 in Oregon and how it relates to the rest of the country. Seattle adds to their list of crap-hole policies by instituting a sugary drink tax.... and it's all falling apart. Blake also shares a personal example of the importance of disagreeing civilly with people and not compromising your values and principles. Find The Blake Johnson Program on SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart radio, YouTube, and more through The Lanterns Radio Network. Also follow Blake on Twitter: @Libertyville93.
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