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Freedom vs. Security?

Show Description: We're seeing this age-old debate pop up yet again in our country: is freedom more important than security? Whether it's related to gun control, education, health care, social security, the environment, etc., the people continue to surrender more and more of their liberties. Does the solution have to be either freedom or security? Also, the Washington Post reports that the March for Our Lives rally consisted mostly of older, middle-aged women - many of whom weren't even there to protest gun control. Coincidentally, much of the media remain silent on this story. Also, Blake gives his review of the I Can Only Imagine movie. Later, it seems Blake doesn't know how to keep friends in the radio business. That and more on today's broadcast. The Blake Johnson Program airs every Monday evening at 9PM Eastern on Listen on demand through the Lanterns Radio Network on Spreaker, iTunes, iHeart, YouTube, Stitcher, and more. Follow Blake on Twitter: @Libertyville93
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