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Behind Enemy Lines Radio - Does Trump Have 2018 Coat-Tails?

Show Description: In addition to discussing the news of the week, including Trump's efforts to discourage the Central American migrant caravan and the admission by the Mueller investigation that the President is not a target, Behind Enemy Lines Radio explores what may be the biggest question of the 2018 Midterm election cycle - will President Trump have "coat-tails" for congressional Republicans to ride to a victory? We also look at how President Trump may have inspired other first-time candidates, including our guest, Nick Polce, who is running for Congress in a primary against Speaker Paul Ryan. Nick is a straight shooter who openly talked about his background, his policy positions, and his feelings on Paul Ryan. Nick is a Green Beret who was deployed overseas eight times to a variety of different global hotspots where he served honorably and with distinction - listen to how his experiences in service to our nation informed his political views. There's a little something in this show for everyone from newshounds to wonks, to those who want to hear Gene mess up! Tune in now!

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