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It’s All About The Kids

Show Description: On this episode, The Boys tap into their Inner Child as they bring a Good News/ Bad News from their FAVORITE government funded private healthcare provider. *Please Note Sarcasm. Then, a story of the State shows how it saved the day again by shutting down and removing a blot on the community… A child’s lemonade stand. Because, you know, ISIS is taken care of and all. Also, a J. Crew has a new line of T-shirts out for kids this summer and lets just say The Boys are really glad that they are getting to the kids early. Also, in light of the lava flowing from Mt. Kilauea, the government, yet again, has to tell the ignorant surfs to avoid the lava. So, The Boys decide to bring a list of some of the most ridiculous warnings they could find. As always, PLEASE LIKE, FOLLOW AND SHARE ?PRO-LIFE WIN: SCOTUS Deals Planned Parenthood A Major Blow??? Planned Parenthood Caught Doing Abortions On 12-Year-Old Sexual Assault Victims, Then Not Reporting Abuse??? Crew Sparks Fierce Debate With 'I Am A Feminist Too' Kid Tee??? City Shuts Down Child's Charity Lemonade Stand For Lack Of Permit??? ?

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