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Episode 123: You Say 420 They Say $20 mill

Show Description: Tonight: A Special Message at the end of the show!!!!!!! Also, Elon Musk is being dropped from Tesla, take a guess why. Some people from inside of the college machine are coming out with some crazy claims about equality. Better yet, Iran has a secret atomic warehouse, and Israel found it…… huh. The …. Latest….. on ….. Kavanaugh……. When will this charade end…. One Tennessee county gets the attention of the DEA. Oh, and facebook was hacked… again. All This And So Much More! #ISeeWhatYouDidThere Defenders.Lanterns.Buzz Https:// (For Skillshare) or use code: DOAESHOW2mo israels-pm-benjamin-netanyahu-iran-has-secret-atomic-warehouse-in-tehran dea-pharmacies-in-single-tennessee-county-bought-drugs-equaling-270-pain-pills-for-every-resident elon-musk-to-resign-as-board-chairman-of-tesla-pay-20-million-fine

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