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Episode 125: Who Will Restore order in the Gallery?

Show Description: Tonight: The answer to the shows Title question, and why it is there. Also, The Votes are in on Kavanaugh from the Senate. Chuck Todd came out to explain why Michael Avenatti is to blame for Kavanaugh passing. China has been microchipping all technology for years, and no one is fessing up to it, not even China. MIllenial Democrats are killing the democrats…. Those millennial, at it again. One of those, Ocasio-Cortez uses Too many words to talk about how she would reform congress. Those things, plus a story we missed getting to on our last show….. OH!!!! Watson Prunier joins the show for some 2nd chair action. All This And So Much More! #ISeeWhatYouDidThere Defenders.Lanterns.Buzz Https:// (For Skillshare) or use code: DOAESHOW2mo

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