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Episode 133: #NoPlatform Solved

Show Description: Tonight, DOAE is joined by Allen Chesser as we dive into the news and focus on the problems of today. What problems you ask? How about , #NoPlatform!! It seems that people are being blocked or banned , all on the right, faster than flies on excrement, This just in Michael Knowles has been twitter blocked for a joke tweet just this afternoon! What better way to follow that than the grab them by the ballot campaign. Then, we turn our eyes to education and an elementary school with some highly progressive teachers. North Dakota democrats are actually running false ads telling hunters if they vote in ND they won’t be able to hunt in other places…. What? Assisted suicide…. Or homacide by suggestion, you don’t need to decide, a judge already has. FDA gives the final OK to the strongest Opioid in existence, and for assault by chocolate milk a leftist freshman has been arrested. All This And So Much More! #ISeeWhatYouDidThere Defenders.Lanterns.Buzz Https:// (For Skillshare) or use code: DOAESHOW2mo

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