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Episode 136: Bearing the Burden

Show Description: A headline roundup, as we burn through the latest stories since the beginning of the week. In Massachusetts, your right to bear arms will most definitely be infringed. The women’s march, had their soon to be award preemptively stripped before they got it. Just because she likes the taste of your sausage, does not mean she wants it.... THE OCEANS ARE WARMING AT AN ALARMING RATE!!!! .... oh, wait i put the decimal in the wrong place. Fox is backing CNN, a parkland parent decides to sue the feds over the shooting, and the DNC committee leader explains that they have no real policy to pay for universal healthcare/medicare for all. Oh, and Avenatti was arrested for domestic violence charges, maybe he should get advice from Spartacus on how to sweep those under the rug. All This And So Much More! #ISeeWhatYouDidThere Defenders.Lanterns.Buzz Https:// (For Skillshare) or use code: DOAESHOW2mo

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